Presentation of the KNX ETS6 software: prices and versions

After a long delay, the new version of the KNX ETS6 software was presented on September 28th, 2021. It will be quite a while before the software for controlling smart home buildings (houses and apartments) has slowly reached the market. Until then and beyond, the ETS5 KNX software is the best choice for setting up and KNX programming any building.

Table of contents KNX ETS6 software

The following dates for ETS6 have been fixed:

Presentation of KNX ETS6

Workshops in Germany: Q1/2 2022

first release: Q4 2021

first update: early 2022

ETS version history (KNX ETS)

ETS1: 1992 to 1996 (4 years)

ETS2: 1996 to 2004 (8 years, support until the end of 2008)

ETS3: 2004 to 2010 (6 years, support until the end of 2014)

ETS4: 2010 to 2014 (4 years, support until the end of 2019 )

ETS5: 2014 to date

ETS6: Presentation on September 28, 2021, in market Q4/2021

ETS6 software versions and prices

The ETS software has been available in five different versions for some time: Demo, Lite, Inside, Professional and Supplementary. The ETS5 demo version can be used by KNX beginners with a maximum of 5 components – i.e. actuators and sensors.

The ETS5 Lite is sufficient to create a small semi-detached house (smart home with KNX) or a small apartment with a maximum of 20 components (actuators and sensors).

Although the ETS5 Inside offers up to 255 KNX participants (components), it has too many restrictions: such as project export/import (e.g. no professional graphic visualization possible) and working with plug-ins.

The ideal basis for building a house with KNX as the networking system is the ETS5 Professional. This allows any number of houses (projects) to be created and programmed with any number of participants/components. In addition to this version, two more ETS5 Supplementary can be used at very good conditions.

A special KNX software version for private builders has been available since the beginning of April 2021: The ETS5 Home. It supports up to 64 KNX devices/components and only one single KNX line. Thus, the ETS5 Home remains for smaller private houses and buildings, while the ETS5 Professional is still intended for business use and any building.

In view of the small price difference between the ETS6 Home and the ETS6 Professional (for special offers), the purchase of the ETS6 Home is only worthwhile in rare cases.


ETS5 Demo

ETS5 Lite

ETS5 Home

ETS5 Professional

ETS5 Supplementary*







Preis in €


200 Euro

440 Euro

1190 Euro

150 Euro

Sonder-Preis €**

60 Euro

270 Euro

550 Euro

150 Euro







*setzt eine ETS5 Professional Version voraus, nur zwei Versionen pro Account erhältlich

**setzt eine Sonderaktion in Form von Rabatt-Codes oder Gutscheinen bzw. Sammelbestellung voraus

ETS5 to ETS6 software upgrades

The prices for a software upgrade from ETS5 to ETS6 are within the range of 150 to 350 euros. Basically, nothing changes in the parameterization and KNX programming, so that the ETS5 version can still be used for many years (!) and is compatible.

When is it worth switching from ETS5 to ETS6?

The KNX software ETS6 is not yet available on the market. It will be officially launched in the fourth quarter of 2021. Even after the presentation, it will probably still be a few weeks before the ETS6 software is available for download and license purchase.

For the time being, we recommend using the current ETS5 software and purchasing it as a KNX dongle license. Even beyond this period (until at least 2025), the KNX ETS5 software will still be the perfect solution for building projects. This affects both the private builder and the electrician who wants to program his house/building with KNX.

If you want to get to grips with the topic of “KNX Programming Smart Home” very quickly, take a look at our video course including click instructions “In 8 hours to the KNX Smart Home”.

How much does the upgrade from ETS5 to ETS6 cost?

In the past, upgrading the software from ETS4 Professional to ETS5 Professional cost around 350 euros (net). In between there were always special promotions where the ETS5 upgrade was offered at preferential prices from 150 euros (net). An upgrade from the ETS5 Professional to the new ETS6 Professional costs 350 euros net (as of September 2021). Everyone should decide for themselves individually whether this is always necessary for each application. Experienced users will be satisfied with the ETS5 for a long time.

Versions of the ETS6


ETS6 Demo

ETS6 Lite*

ETS6 Home*

ETS6 Professional

ETS6 Supplementary







Preis (netto)


ca. 200 Euro

ca. 350 Euro

ca. 1000 Euro



ca. 150 Euro

ca. 200 Euro

650 bis 750 Euro








*eingeschränkte Version, erscheint im Q4 2021 (Stand: November 2021)

Differences between ETS5 and ETS6? First look at the ETS6

ETS6 Professional Software as presented at the end of September 2021. Experienced users should not expect too much from the new version

A look at the beta/developer version of the upcoming ETS6 version shows that improvements have essentially been made to the graphical user interface (usability). It should be faster and easier to create a KNX project and access the individual areas. Konnex also assumes that in the coming years there will be more components with radio transmission – i.e. according to the “KNX RF” standard – on the market. Finally, there are most of the existing buildings that can then be retrofitted with KNX RF.

Anyone who then switches from ETS5 to ETS6 will not notice any differences in the data structure and the essential functions. This is a very important point. There is also no reason to rush from ETS5 to ETS6, even if the new software looks a bit smarter and tidier.

ETS5 Supplementary: Full version with dongle for 150 euros

The cheapest way to purchase an ETS5 full version is the ETS5 Supplementary: for around 150 euros there is a full version with a dongle that has the same functionality as the ETS5 Professional. However, you need someone who, in addition to the full version ETS5 Professional, purchases an ETS5 Supplementary at their own expense. Conclusion: Looking for someone who will order a “second version” for a builder at a special price.

Comparison of the KNX software versions: ETS3 to ETS6





Operation System

Windows XP

Windows 7 (32 Bit)

Windows 7 (64 Bit)

Windows 10 (64 Bit)

Windows 11 (64 Bit)

Mac OS X (64 Bit)






RS232 Interface

USB Interface

TCP/IP Interface

KNX RF (Funk)

Copy protection

Host ID (File)

Dongle (USB)

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