Review: Basalte Lisa mini touch screen for KNX room control

Basalte Lisa mit Multiroom-Audio Musikstreaming
Basalte Lisa only works with Basalte Home: Complete KNX home control including multiroom audio for up to 256 rooms

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What can Basalte Lisa do as a mini touch screen?

At your request – a survey in the community – we showed the Basalte Lisa even before it was available on the market (approx. end of January 2022). We briefly tested one of the first final examples of the Belgian manufacturer’s mini touchscreen. Since the woman very often makes the final purchase decision when furnishing a house, which KNX button is used and which is not, Basalte could have chosen the name “Lisa” on purpose.

To get straight to the point: the use of the Basalte Lisa as a mini touchscreen requires the presence of Basalte Home in conjunction with a KNX system. This means that a Basalte server in the form of the Basalte Core Plus or the Core Mini Server should be purchased or already be available.

And what Basalte Lisa does not need for setup: No changes need to be made to the KNX ETS5/6 data set. The touch screen is only connected via POE network cable and installed in a standard EU socket (60 mm or 68 mm cavity wall socket). Complete! All setup is done via software through Basalte Studio, which is not freely available.

Basalte Lisa Touchscreen: KNX Visualisierung mit Basalte Home
Basalte Lisa: Noble touchscreen for room control with chic visualization. It is available in 12 different color and material combinations, always made of metal
Basalte Studio Software for the complete configuration of Basalte Home and KNX switching functions

What features does Basalte Lisa offer?

  • Room control for switching all trades/devices in a room
  • Music and multi-room audio control, calling up music tracks and streaming services (Deezer, Spotify, Vidal), multi-client capability and parental controls
  • Calling various outdoor cameras for security and surveillance
  • Door communication (video and sound) – compatible with well-known systems such as Doorbird, 2N, Gira, Siedle etc.
  • internal communication for example “call for dinner” or “guests are there” between several Basalte Lisa or Basalte Ellie in the house
  • Door opening via touchscreen and operation of motorized locks
    if desired, only fades in when approaching, integrated proximity sensor
Basalte Lisa Mini Touchscreen: 12 verschiedene Varianten aus Metall
The small Basalte Lisa is always made of metal in brass, nickel, brushed aluminum - there are 12 different variants to choose from

How is Basalte Lisa installed on the wall?

Die Basalte Lisa lässt sich sowohl in einer Beton- als auch in einer Trockenbau-Wand installieren. Die von uns empfohlene Montagehöhe beträgt 1,40 m bis 1,55 m. Der Einbau erfolgt in einer herkömmlichen Betoneinbaudose (Kaiser, Durchmesser 60 mm) oder Hohlwanddose (Durchmesser 68 mm). Mittlerweile kommt die Basalte Lisa in einer ganzen Reihe von Einfamilienhäusern zum Einsatz und überzeugt mit ihrer sehr guten KNX Visualisierung.

Basalte Lisa Einbau in eine Kaiser Betoneinbaudose
Installation of a Basalte Lisa in a Kaiser Prefix concrete installation box with a frame - this is how we did it for testing
Basalte Lisa Abmessungen
Installation of a Basalte Lisa in a cavity wall box with a diameter of 68 mm for dry construction. You can see the 10 mm flat structure flush with the wall

How much does Basalte Lisa - the 12 different versions cost?

Since February 2022, Basalte Lisa has been available in the 12 metal-material combinations and colors/surfaces customary at Basalte. The prices start at just under 1400 euros and in the noblest variants (Fer Forge Gunmetal) it costs almost 1800 euros. The Lisa has so far been spared the regular “price updates” carried out by Basalte.

What all Basalte Lisa have in common is the absolutely perfect workmanship with very low fitting tolerances and real metal equipment. For a “normal” house, the equipment with two to three Basalte Lisa should be absolutely sufficient. Door communication, music player and chic visualization included.

Enhancements through updates to Basalte Home

The small touchscreen will receive additional functionality in the coming weeks and months simply through software updates from Basalte Home (as of May 2023). This post will be updated regularly.

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Klickanleitung zur Gira X1 Server Einrichtung & Visu Programmierung
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